Welsummer Grass-fed Beef Salami


"Old World" salami begins with sustainably
and humanely raised grass-fed beef.

Welsummer™ goes to great lengths to create artisan foods using time-honored techniques. We use simple and pure ingredients in an effort to create the safest, healthiest, and best-tasting products available. Enjoy!

Grass-Fed Beef Salami


Our farm-to-table offerings are great for entertaining—or as a midnight snack.


Grass-fed Beef Salami100% Grass-fed Beef Salami

Our flagship item. Fermented, then cured for 45 days or more. A meaty, peppery taste like no other. read more

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After the casings are filled our salami is fermented, then allowed to cure for 45 days or more.


Thinly sliced salami results in the most flavorful bites (paper thin or slightly thicker).


Try serving your salami on a platter with savory jams, pickled vegetables, and fresh bread.